The first problem preventing the mission’s work is the fact that the Federal Council of the Russian Federation has put the Mission on the so-called ‘stop-list’ of patriotic organizations which operation is undesirable in Russia and criminally prosecuted.

The second problem is Decree #367 of June 4, 2015, passed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and establishing entry and exit procedure to Crimea for foreign nationals. The decree contains an exhaustive list of criteria foreign nationals are to meet to qualify for a special permit to enter Crimea. There are no criteria for human rights activists, lawyers or journalists, which makes the work of such categories of foreign nationals in Crimea much more difficult.

Despite the threats and challenges, the Crimean Field Mission is continuing its work by drawing attention to cases of human rights violations in Crimea, underscoring the importance of following international standards and inadmissibility of journalists and human right activists, gathering information on human rights violations in Crimea, being prevented from doing their work.