(QHA) -

The Ukrainian Central Election Commission (CEC) has completed the processing of electronic protocols from precinct election commissions in early elections for the Verkhovna Rada as of 23.30 on Friday.

The data on 100% of the processed protocols have been posted on the commission's website.

The People's Front won the elections on party lists, with 22.14% of the vote. The Bloc of Petro Poroshenko took second place (21.81%), and Samopomich Union is third (10.97%).

The Opposition Bloc (9.43%), the Radical Party (7.44%) and Batkivshchyna (5.68%) also enter the Ukrainian parliament.

Svoboda failed to pass the 5% electoral threshold, garnering 4.71% of the vote. Other parties won less than 4% of the vote.

In addition, all 198 district election commissions included in the Elections system the information on the results of voting for candidates running at single-member electoral districts.