Deputy of Spanish Parliament from Catalonia, Enrique Ravello serves as international observer at the so-called all-Crimean referendum on the status of Crimea.

According to Ravello, Crimea is an example for Catalonia, which also plans referendum to secede from Spain.

“Here in Crimea you have much more freedom than in Catalonia.  Today Crimea is an example for Catalonia.  On November 9 we will also try to hold a referendum, 80% of people in Catalonia want this referendum, 46% want to separate (from Spain-ed.)”, noted Ravello during a press conference in Simferopol.

According to him, Western media, Spanish in particular is being biased as for events in Crimea.

“I came here yesterday and I saw that things are not the way they are described by Western media.  They said that airport is being patrolled by Russian militants.  Yesterday I was at the airport and didn’t see anybody there, but was stopped by Ukrainian police.  My colleague from Belgium was also stopped by police.  In Spain they show that Russian soldiers force people to vote.  Western media also say that Crimean Tatars are being persecuted and are not allowed to vote.  A woman who campaigned for referendum was a Crimean Tatar,” said Ravello.   

According to him, 25 observers came to the referendum. 

As for Ukraine not recognizing this referendum Ravello said:

“We have the same situation in Spain.  Spain said that Catalonia has not right to vote”, he said.