The Government of Canada has extended sanction list against 14 Russian companies and 5 individuals, according to the official website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Canada.

The expanded sanction list includes a Top Manager Alexander Omelchenko and Deputy Director Edward Joffe of a concern "Kalashnikov," as well as Petr Savchenko, Alexander Kofman and Oleg Akimov, members of the terrorist groups "DPR" and "LPR".

The Canadian sanctions are now applicable to the next companies: Investment Republican Bank, Moscow Regional Bank, JSC "Volgogradneftemash", JSC "Izhevsk Mechanical Plant", JSC "Izhmash", JSC "Tekhnopromexport", JSC "Technodynamics Holding", JSC "Tehmash", JSC "Ruselektroniks "and JSC" Holding Schwabe."

- Today’s steps support wider international efforts to seek a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine. By engaging with Russia on the one hand and demonstrating our firm resolve on sanctions on the other, we strengthen our collective ability to hold them to account, said Stéphane Dion, Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada.

Canada believes sanctions should not be lifted until Russia fully implements its commitments under the Minsk agreements.

Photo: Internet