(QHA) -

The UK intends to send its military instructors to Ukraine,  Prime Minister David Cameron announced.

"The issue of providing lethal weapon for Ukraine is not on the agenda, but we do not rule out the possibility of non-lethal assistance in the future"- Cameron said, adding British instructors will not be sent to the conflict zone, but will be in areas distant from the "hot spots".

During his speech in the British parliament, Cameron also talked about a possibility of disabling Russian banks from SWIFT system in case of further situation deterioration in the Donbas.

"Russia risks being disconnected from SWIFT," – said the PM Cameron.

According to him, the move is possible by the EU, if Moscow continues conducting "aggressive policy" in eastern Ukraine.

PM Cameron also announced today that restrictive measures against Russia should be strengthened if the situation in eastern Ukraine does not improve. He admitted that Mariupol might become "the next potential hot spot" in the conflict area in eastern Ukraine.