After getting re-registered, Intertelecom, a Crimea-based 3G network operator, has raised tariffs for its telecommunication services, said Vitaliy Piman, the company’s Marketing and Sales Manager.

The hike is down to the fact that the company provides inter-city and international communication services via Miranda Media operator, which holds a license for providing this kind of services, Krym Media reports Piman as saying.

“Only international and inter-city communication tariffs have gone up, with Internet fees remaining at their present levels,” added Vitaliy Piman.

Costing RUB 1,8 per minute prior to the hike, a landline call to Ukraine will now cost RUB 17,7 per minute. Calls within Crimea will cost RUB 3 per minute, while it will cost RUB 3,7 to RUB 6 to call other regions of the Russian Federation.