The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a bill allowing the Crimean Tatars to get a triple pension for work in deportation.

On August, 3 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine registered a draft bill № 2466 of amendments to Article 24 of the Law of Ukraine "On Mandatory State Pension Insurance" (pertaining to deportees’ employment term).

-The employment term for deportees who were in special settlement regime, determined from the deportation date until the removal of the special settlement regime, is included in the pension insurance record for granting a triple pension, reports UNN, as stated in the text of the bill № 2466.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On restoration of rights of persons deported on ethnic grounds," the deportation of peoples, minorities and persons from the places of residence on the basis of decisions taken by the authorities of the USSR or other union republics, is recognized as illegal criminal act. The State of Ukraine determines the restoration of the rights of deported Ukrainian citizens as a priority of political, socio-economic, cultural and spiritual development of society.