This morning, giving a speech at the Conciliatory Council of heads of factions for the Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada, the Chairman of the People's Front parliamentary faction Maksym Burbak said that so far MPs should focus their attention on the protection of the state border.

I want to say that the legislature of the country that is at war had no right to go on vacation. Our guys at the front did not go on vacation as well. The aggressor did not rest as it was also getting ready for the war, and the Russian media proves it. Strengthening the country's defense should be on the agenda in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the MP Maksym Burbak told the Parliament Conciliation Board.

According to the Head of the People's Front faction, 42 Ukrainian soldiers were killed at the front while Verkhovna Rada didn’t work, and the huge amount of Russian military equipment is still kept on the border with Ukraine.

Russians step up military presence in the Crimea and plots provocations against Ukraine, said the Chairman of the People's Front faction.