(QHA) -

Officers of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) are examining Crimean bookshops and seizing some books, among them a book of Crimean historian Gulnara Bekirova “Mustafa Jemilev: Crimean Tatar voice was not heard for decades”, issued in 2014.

Head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov, who had been banned from entering Crimea for 5 years, wrote this in Facebook.

“The book narrates about social, human rights and political activity of Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev. The book includes materials about law proceedings devoted to Crimean Tatar national movement, memoirs of prominent human right activists such as P. Grigorenko, A. Sakharov about Mustafa Jemilev.”

According to Chubarov the book also includes interviews of Jemilev, released after return of Crimean Tatars to their historical homeland, Jemilev’s speeches from Ukrainian Parliament tribune and the Euromaidan and his speech at the closed session of UN Security Council March 31, 2014.