Despite the fact that winter is warm enough, one cannot feel that at Chongar because of a piercing wind. Of course, it is good that there is no severe frost. But the bad weather is the last thing that worries activists of the blockade.

Men of all ages have been living at Chongar not for the first month. None of them can say exactly what will happen next and how long one will have to wait. But they still continue to earnestly perform their tasks: to stand on guard, chop wood and be on duty. Activists also supervise car check at checkpoints as they cannot do it - this is the duty of police. Smuggling must not go past the watchful eyes of the blockade activists.

Everyone represents his battalion; some of them even fought in the ATO and lost their fellows there. The formation of Crimean Tatar battalion is currently ongoing, which will include not only Crimean Tatars but also Ukrainians from different cities. More than a hundred men have already signed up. A full-fledged division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is expected to be created in a month. Blockade activists buy all equipment (clothing, footwear) by themselves.

Women took an active part in solving domestic problems. They come from the Kherson region; some of them even come from Crimea, despite the risks.

“I am here for the idea. I have been working here for three months, and already could leave, but my duty is to remain at the blockade. I struggle by means of information objectively highlighting all the events that take place here. Patriotism, love to Crimea and freedom have won. Here the story is going, and in the future our children will read about the return of Crimea in the books. We've got a big family here, everyone does what he can,” Gulsum Khalilova, an ATR journalist said.

Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian flags are fluttering over the tents, and love for their land lives in hearts of all activists of the blockade. They have not gone away, but came to fight against the occupants for freedom, nation and land.