Billboard welcoming to Crimean Tatar Republic set up at entrance to Crimea

‘Ukraine. Crimean Tatar Autonomous Republic. Welcome!’ the inscription on the Crimean Tatar language reads.

2 October 2015 15:49

The Crimean Tatar activists, who hold a peaceful action to blockade the administrative border with Crimean, have installed a billboard at the entrance to the peninsula (Chongar checkpoint).

Decorated in the colors of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar flags, the billboard includes the inscription in Crimean Tatar language: ‘Ukraina. Qırımtatar muhtar cumhuriyeti Hoş keldiniz!’ (Ukraine. Crimean Tatar Autonomous Republic. Welcome!).

The photo was posted on a Facebook page by Lenur Islyamov, one of the initiators of the blockade.