In an interview aired by Inter TV Channel, Yulia Timoshenko said the Batkivschina Party is a responsible political force and it had never intended to pull out of the governing coalition because of the ongoing war in Ukraine caused by Russia.

“We are a responsible political party. I want to put an end to all this talk about the Batkivschina Party pulling out of the coalition. As long as there is war in Eastern Ukraine, the Batkivschina Party will remain in the coalition,” Timoshenko said.

Timoshenko also urged to cease all speculation on the subject adding that her faction would vote in favor of the laws necessary for Ukraine’s integration into the EU, as well as some other legal acts. In particular, the faction would pledge their votes for an appeal to the General Prosecutor to strip Andrey Teteruk, a member of the People’s Front Party, from his immunity, as well as urge Andrey Teteruk to give up his deputy’s seat for ‘conduct unbecoming a member of parliament’.

“On Tuesday, we will be trying to get the Speaker to put to vote two draft laws submitted by female deputies. And I would like to thank them for submitting those draft laws,” said Timoshenko.

Timoshenko called everyone’s attention to the fact that Alexandra Kuzhel, a member of the Batkivschina Party, was diagnosed with brain concussion and is currently in hospital after ‘a close encounter’ with Teteruk, who hit her on the head with a bottle.