(QHA) -

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has deplored the fact that a temporary ceasefire introduced by the Ukrainian authorities in east Ukraine has not contributed to stabilizing the situation in this part of the country, his spokesperson, Stephan Dujarric, has said.

Four days ago, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the prolongation of the 72-hour truce in the East of Ukraine, but called for a ultimate end of violence.

"The UN Secretary General hopes that all parties /to the conflict in Ukraine/ will strictly abide by their liabilities and is calling upon all parties concerned to seek an ultimate end to violence through a political process," the press service of the world organization said in a statement on Friday.

The Secretary General noted that he remained deeply concerned about the situation in the East of Ukraine. In his statement, he welcomed the release of four international observers of the OSCE, whose track had been lost in May, and insisted that the remaining four members of the monitoring mission were also immediately released without preconditions.