A Ukrainian nationalist arrived in the city of Kerch and attacked two women because of their pro-Russian stance, said Ruslan Balbec in comments to RIA Novosti.

The young man arrived in Kerch to recruit the Crimean youth to participate in the anti-Russian actions, said Balbec citing the alleged victims.

- A young man aged about 25 years bullied the Crimean youth with repression on the part of Ukraine, and openly insulted the Russian citizens living in Crimea for their choice in favor of the Russia’s annexation of Crimea. After receiving a resolute rebuff instead of the expected support, the Ukrainian nationalist suddenly squirted a pepper spray solution into their eyes of two girls, and then fled the scene, said Balbec.

Balbec emphasized that one of the girls was a Crimean Tatar.

The official sites of the Crimean law enforcement agencies, as well as the Kerch media have no information on the incident.

Photo: Internet