In his speech outside the Verkhovna Rada, the commander of Azov regiment and Ukrainian MP Andriy Biletskiy claimed that Azov is arranging a peaceful and preventive action today, according to a QHA correspondent.

“We're not going to enter the Verkhovna Rada building. However, we had to come here because neither deputies nor President have given any guarantees or mechanisms of returning Crimea and Donbas to Ukraine after elections in Donbas, as well as regaining control over the Ukrainian border,” Andriy Biletskiy stressed. 

According to him, the government is now actively delaying a solution to this issue, telling that there won’t be any elections. However, in his opinion, the election will be conducted as "they want to hold them, fulfilling a promise given to the West and Russia during the Minsk talks."

According to the MP, Ukrainian border is beyond the OSCE mission and NATO police missions.

“In the case of any attempt to hold the elections in the Donbas, we will take active actions. There is no sense to speak with the MPs; they know only the language of fear. Today it is just the beginning, and not the ultimate action. We must be vigilant and expect the betrayal every second, because they will try to secretly conduct these elections. This is a warning to them. If they don’t understand this, the people of Ukraine will protect their territory and life by any means,” the commander of Azov regiment stated.

Hero of Ukraine Stepan Khmara and writer Vasily Shkliar, who came to the rally in T-shirts of Azov regiment, also criticized the policy of Ukrainian MPs and President. 

At the end of the rally, the Azov protesters lit flares around the Verkhovna Rada building and read in unison the "Prayer of nationalist" by Osip Mashchak - one of the leaders of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists), who wrote the text of the prayer in blood on the wall of a prison after his arrest in the late 1930s. The building of the Parliament was shrouded in smoke from lit flares.

Photo: QHA