According to Avakov, he has no clue yet whether he will keep his position as Internal Affairs Minister.

“There will most likely be a cabinet reshuffle. One of the reasons for the reshuffle is because the government is not doing well on the whole. One cannot keep a position of Environment Minister vacant forever. One cannot put up with endless scandals in the energy field. Once cannot tolerate the unhealthy situation in the healthcare,” said Avakov.

Arsen Avakov believes that Arseniy Yatsenyuk is competent for the job.

“I think Arseny is just the man for the job. He is well familiar with all kinds of situations and ways of handling them. He is highly versatile and well respected in the West, all of which is really important,” said Avakov.

Avakov also emphasized that not only Cabinet members but the very structure of the Cabinet of Ministers must be changed.