“A Svoboda party member and Sich battalion soldier who is currently on leave threw the grenade. I consider that a crime, which cannot be excused by reasons of politics.

It was not peaceful protesters that Mr. Tyagnybok brought to the Verkhovna Rada but a bunch of thugs who went on a rampage killing and crippling our soldiers!

Consider this casualty list: one person killed, 125 persons wounded, 12 persons in hospital, one person in a coma and five more in grave condition. And you call that a political protest?! National Guards soldiers, police and security officers and SWAT team members have sustained wounds of different gravity. Reporters of the 5th TV Channel and 1+1 TV Channel, as well as a French reporter have suffered injuries. Vasily Pascal, Deputy Interior Ministry, has been injured.

Also on the wounded list are 20 soldiers and officers who have been to Donbass and know what it is like to be in real combat. These men have been duly recognized by the government by being awarded and prematurely promoted. Is that the kind of people we should be deploying outside the Verkhovna Rada to protect Kiev residents from somebody’s political ambitions? Is that what you call politics? Is that what you call waging political struggle?

I have seen videos and photos of Mr. Tyagnybok standing side by side with the ones who beat up our men. I do not see why Ukraine should be paying a steep price like this so Mr. Tyagnybok and his party could get back in government. If you love Ukraine, it is your duty to serve her! Millions of true patriots are now doing volunteer work and risking their lives on the front line. And they do not demand any privileges and awards for this by holding a gun to one’s head.

Sooner or later, we will vacate our offices, for this is how democracy works. After all, this is what we fought at Maidan for.

Have you forgotten about it, Oleg? Are you putting your political ambitions above the national interest, Mr. Tyagnybok? I want you to remember that investigation will be thorough and punishment irreversible.

I am calling on Ukrainians and counting on their support in bringing those guilty to justice. I also hope that politicians who masterminded the crime will suffer moral scruples.

Being an interior minister, I am responsible for ensuring law and order. It is society’s job to stop politicians from crossing the line and benefiting from such crimes.