Association of Repressed Peoples international human rights organization opposed a new round of repression against Crimean Tatars by the occupying power, including: illegal searches and detentions.

Yesterday's searches and detentions of Crimean Tatars in Crimea have been heavily criticized by the Association of Repressed Peoples. The organization is concerned about the possibility of subsequent raids.

The Association of Repressed Peoples requires that the European Parliament take measures on warning the subsequent repressions of Crimean Tatars on the peninsula. "Words must be matched by deeds", the organization appeals to the Resolution of the European Parliament on Crimea adopted on February 4, 2016.

The human rights organization calls on the European Parliament President and MPs to facilitate the release of illegally detained Crimean Tatars. It considers that relevant government authorities in Moscow and Crimea should furnish explanation regarding the illegal treatment of Crimean Tatars.