- Today, the media rarely covers the events surrounding the Crimean Civil Blockade, but an ongoing campaign, which thanks to the activists was taken to a state level, goes on. In particular, the civil society activists will help the border guards at the Crimean checkpoint to carry out their mission, the Information resource "Bankomet" reported on the details of this innovation.

According to the Internet resource, the purpose of the blockade remains the same: to secure the release of political prisoners, to get entry permission to the occupied peninsula for international observers, as well as put an end to the repressions and persecution.

- 33 members of the "Asker" civil organization, which initiated the Crimean Civil blockade last year, will keep watch jointly with the Ukrainian border guards. The activists have no right to inspect documents and the contents of a car, but they will be able to monitor the work of the border guards.

According to the Group Coordinator Lenur Islyamov, the activists have all permits and all their actions are coordinated with the leadership of the country, according to "Bankomet."

Photo: Internet