Artist representing Crimea’s annexation awarded apartment in Yalta

Stroy Group (Yalta) Construction company and the "Crimea’s Culture Ministry" announced a second competition for the best paintings on a topic "Crimean Spring" (this is how Russian occupants call the events of the spring 2014, when Russ

30 September 2015 14:29

In Crimea, the "patriots’" generosity knows no bounds. The contest winner will be awarded an apartment in Yalta! RUB 60,000 is awarded for the third place and RUB 180 thousand - for the second.

The competition is open to both amateurs and professional artists. The participants’ mission is to reflect on the canvas their vision of a "historic event of Crimean Spring "2014".

School students and preschoolers will also be able to compete in the "artistic patriotism". For them, the prize fund is as follows: 1 place - laptop; 2nd place - the tablet; 3rd place – cell phone.

Reminder: the first competition was held in Yalta, on the city's waterfront Sept. 20. The geography of the works - from Sakhalin to London.

As a result, Alexey Garin from the city of Nizhny Novgorod has been awarded an apartment in Yalta for his painting "March, Salute, Sevastopol." Ruslan Kiselev from Pyatigorsk came second for the painting "The will of the people", the third place - Victor Prasolov from the city of Simferopol, for painting "Crimean Spring".