For the past day, more than five Russian warships were unloaded at Crimean Ports. At least 300 militants and 20 vehicles were unloaded from each warship, head of the Center for military and political investigations Dmitry Tymchuk wrote on his page on Facebook.

Two landing ships of the Baltic Fleet (‘Minsk’ and ‘Kaliningrad’) along with landing ships of the Northern fleet (‘Olenegorsky Gornyak’, ‘Georgiy Pobedonosets’) as well as ‘Azov’ warship arrived in Crimea.

From each ship, minimum of 300 people and 20 vehicles were unloaded. Seven armored troop carriers and anti-tank systems “Storm” were unloaded from ‘Azov’ ship.  

Russian warships ‘SFP-183’, ‘Moscow’, ‘Shtil’ and ‘Molniya’ are standing in Donuzlav lake in the Western Crimea.