(QHA) - The hospital treating former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon says several of his vital organs are no longer working properly, not just his kidneys as had been reported, according to Euronews. Doctors at the Tel Hashomer hospital in Tel Aviv say the condition of the 85-year-old – who has been in a coma since 2006 – is now critical and his life is in danger. In late 2005 Ariel Sharon was treated for a mild stroke. Weeks later he suffered a second major stroke and has since remained in a persistent vegetative state. Reports from Israel say doctors are adopting a “passive” stance over his condition and believe if it continues to deteriorate he only has days to live. Considered by many Israelis to be a war hero, Sharon led the 1982 invasion of Lebanon as defence minister. An inquiry later found him personally responsible for failing to prevent the massacre of Palestinians by Christian militia allied to Israel. He became prime minister almost two decades later. Despite promoting Jewish settlements he caused surprise by ordering the withdrawal of Israeli troops and settlers from Gaza.