"Ex-Speaker of the Parliament of Sevastopol" Alexey Chaly proposed to make the post of governor elected. He announced this idea to Oleg Nikolayev, a candidate for deputy of the State Duma from the Party of Growth, on air of a local TV channel, according to the Press of Ukraine. Chaly proposed to conduct the gubernatorial election alongside with the Duma elections to be held this fall.

“Now we are preparing an application for registration of the initiative group "Serving Sevastopol" to the local election commission. Then we will begin to collect signatures - under the law, there should be at least 2 per cent of the voters, that is, about 10 thousand signatures,” said Oleg Nikolaev.

In March this year, Chaly tried to adopt the amendment, according to which "the governor of Sevastopol" is elected by direct vote. Back then, 13 deputies of the necessary 16 ones voted for the draft. 

It was reported earlier that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine offered to ban the holding elections in the temporarily Russian-occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions until Crimea is returned under the jurisdiction of Ukraine and control over the state border is restored in full.

Photo: Internet