Last night, on October 22, one of the constructions at the ‘protest glade’ in Simferopol was set on fire. Head of secretariat of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Zair Smedlyaev said this to QHA agency.

“This is yet another provocation to destabilize the situation in the Crimea”, says Smedlyaev.

“Obviously, they had another intention. They aimed to set on fire the mosque at the glade, but there were people at the mosque, so the nearby construction was fired up. The attackers poured petrol on the construction and fled. People who were on duty near the mosque tried to run after them, but couldn’t catch up with them,” told Smedlyaev.

Head of Mejlis’s secretariat also noted that the owners of the construction intend to apply to law enforcement bodies.

“Those are all links of one chain, the continuation of a series of mosque attacks in Crimea in order to undermine and destabilize the situation on the peninsula”, adds Smedlyaev.

As reported, on the eve of the Muslim holiday Kurban Bayram, central mosque of Saki town was set on fire. The next day, another mosque in Krasnogvardeyskiy district was fired.