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Another Crimean Tatar man reported missing. Usein Seitnabiev, 29, left for work and did not come back Oct 21.

“He was walking home when I called him. It was 7.30 pm. After it, his phone was switched off and the connection was lost. His wife has appealed to police”- Usein’s brother Ibraim said.

It should be noted that, according to Ibraim, Usein may have disappeared over his debts, still, the disappeared man could also “blonder out something”.

“We are not sure with the reason of his disappearance. Even his wife is unaware. He is very nimble, so he may have blonder out something”- Usein noted.

The past months’ abductions or disappearances include active pro-Ukrainian activists and other Crimean Tatars. After Timur Shaikmardanov, vanished, one of his friends, 33-year-old Seiran Zinedinov began to investigate by meeting with Shaikmardanov’s wife on a highway near the capital, Simferopol. Hours later, Zinedinov also disappeared.

On September 27, unknown men driving a dark blue Volkswagen Transporter grabbed Islam Dzhepparov, 19, and Dzhevdet Islamov, 23, from a street in the village of Sary-Su, Crimea.

A contact group was created in Crimea to investigate the incidents, still no details found so far.