(QHA) -

Searches in Muslims houses are going on in Crimea.

Armed men searched house of a Crimean Tatar Idris ametov in Leninskoye rayon of Crimea.

“At 5 A.M. more than 10 armed men broke into our house. They put me on the floor, and put handcuffs on my son, then showed an order and searched the house”- Ametov said, adding there were also two women: witnesses.

“I asked a permission to invite independent witnesses, by my request was rejected”.

According to Ametov, masked men were searching for arms and drugs. During the search religious book “Fortress of a Muslim” was seized. Two notebooks and a mobile phone also were taken away.

It is not the first case, when police officers conduct searches in Muslim houses early in the morning.

Crimean Tatar houses as well as Crimean Madrassas (religious schools) were repeatedly searched for arms and banned literature.