(QHA) - A Syrian military helicopter has been shot down by Turkish fighter jets after seemingly crossing into Turkish airspace, reports Euronews. Amateur video showed what appeared to be one person descending in a parachute. Debris was later filmed on the Syrian side of their shared border where Syrian rebel fighters claim to have captured one of the pilots, the fate of the other is unknown. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arinç, later confirmed the incident. “Our reconnaissance aircraft are patrolling the border 24-hours a day. As you know, after one of our planes was shot down in June 2012 and because of the constant harassment of fire from the Syrian side, particularly in Akcakale and Viransehir (in southern Turkey), our rules of engagement have now changed.” Damascus has complained that Ankara was too hasty in its actions, accusing the Turkish government of trying to escalate tensions in the region. Turkey is a fierce critic of the Syrian government and has been a leading voice in calling for military intervention in the Syrian crisis.