Galuschenko, nicknamed ‘Andrew’, got killed after a reconnaissance team he commanded came under sniper fire outside the village of Schastye in the Lugansk region on September 2, 2015. Dmitry Zharuk, a State Fiscal Service employee, and four more Galuschenko’s team members received wounds of different gravity.

Galuschenko’s team was on a mission to prevent smuggled goods from being brought in and out of the Lugansk region.

Friends, family members and sympathizer have gathered on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti square in Kiev to bid their last farewell to the deceased. After the rally is over, Andrey Galuschenko’s body will be taken for a funeral service to his home village of Kozhanka in the Fastov district of the Kiev region.

“Everybody who met Andrew at least once won’t be able to forget him. I’m proud of the fact that my father died a hero’s death protecting his country. He’ll be a role model I’ll be looking up to for the rest of my life,” Galuschenko’s daughter said.

Galuschenko’s brothers in arms said that he was among those who staunchly held their positions at Karachun (a mountain in the Donetsk region). He was also one of the first to enter the separatist-held town of Slavyansk.

Some of his fellow soldiers and friends blame his death on high-ranking Ukrainian military officers, as well as those who Galuschenko tried to prevent from delivering money and smuggled goods to the LPR (Lugansk People’s Republic). Georgiy Tuka, Head of Luhansk Regional Administration, wrote on his Facebook page that he considers Galuschenko’s murderers his personal enemies.