Alim Aliyev, a Crimean Tatar and pro-Ukrainian activist, believes that the events currently taking place in Crimea is quite logical. It was to be expected, he said in his interview with QHA.

“There have been attempts to massively expel the Crimean Tatars from their homeland since the annexation of Crimea. The decision "to suspend the Mejlis activities" means that any Crimean Tatar could face charges of extremism,” Aliyev said.

He also added that such a decision is beyond any legal framework.

“The fact that almost every village has a Mejlis representative, confirms that the representative body in Crimea performed quite a large-scale activities. But then it began to disturb Russia.

It was reported earlier that the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation announced the Mejlis as an extremist organization.

On April 15, the court hearing in “prohibition of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people" was postponed for April 25. One of the reasons was the absence of the Nariman Jelal, Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis.

Photo: Internet