(QHA) -

Kyiv District Administrative Court on Wednesday banned the activity in Ukraine of the Russian Unity party, headed by Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov, the TVi television channel reported.

"Kyiv District Administrative Court ruled to fully sustain a claim by the Justice Ministry: to stop the activity of the political party Russian Unity, registered with the Justice Ministry 28.10.2008," reads the ruling by Judge Kostiantyn Kobyliansky.

The Justice Ministry provided at the hearing a series of evidence of anti-state activity of the party, including on the official website of the party, video reports. The main of them is a video about the signing of the deal by Aksyonov on the accession of Crimea into the Russian Federation.

 "The very fact of signing the unlawful and unconstitutional document by Aksyonov already confirms that he has carried out anti-state policies aimed at violating the territorial integrity and independence of the state," Deputy Justice Minister Hanna Onyshchenko said.