Sergey Aksyonov, 'head' of occupied Crimea did not like the fact that social networks, particularly Facebook, consider Crimea to be a Ukrainian territory.

Such a statement he posted on his Facebook page, calling on Crimeans to join the actions that will be a respond to such policy of social networks.

"This is not trivial, it is a part of sanctions policy and information war against our country and our republic," he wrote.

He also called on Crimeans to use hashtag #КрымРоссияНавсегда in messages related to Crimea.

"Let's unite and show how we love our native land and how we love Russia! In such a way, everyone can congratulate the youngest member of the Russian Federation on the holiday," said Aksyonov.

He also announced a march and youth flashmob for the Day of the Republic in Simferopol on January 20, 2016.

Photo: Sergei Aksyonov's Facebook page.