Crimea acting Premier Sergey Aksyonov has delivered a video address to Crimea residents ahead of Crimean Parliament elections, paying attention to Crimean Tatars.

“I want to address especially to Crimean Tatars. Some odious politicians over their mercantile benefits call on you to boycott election campaign. Ignoring of the elections is artificial self-isolation of Crimean Tatars. Your representatives in government will help in settling national issues more effective. I'm sure most of you will realize their civic responsibility for the future of Crimea and for the fate of their relatives”- Aksyonov said in his address.

Crimean premier also noted that Crimean Parliament will be renewed after the elections.

“Number of lawmakers will be a quarter less than in previous parliament. 12 political parties take part in political competition. There are 827 registered candidates”- he said.

Parliament elections in Crimea are scheduled for September 14.

Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people announced it would boycott the elections.