Tourists cannot arrive to Crimean peninsula via mainland Ukraine.

Acting Premier of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov noted this during the meeting with Russian Prime-Minister Dmitriy Medvedev in Simferopol, press-service of Crimean Parliament reports.

“The issue of logistics and transportation of tourists to Crimea remains unsolved. The railroad, that used to transport 80% of tourists now is not able to provide the delivery. The Ukrainian side is not ready to provide routes, so the delivery capacity is about 16 to 20 thousand passengers per day, while the required minimum is two times more”- Aksyonov announced.

Crimean Premier appealed to Medvedev to instuct the Ministry of Transport of the Russia to accelerate the work on this issue.

Medvedev arrived for a two-day working trip to Crimea on Sunday, May 25. This is his second trip once after Crimea’s annexation in March.