A lawyer Nikolai Polozov has posted an audio record of Ahtem Chiygoz’s speech at the court hearing of his case. Chiygoz refused to plead guilty saying the Prosecutor’s charges are vague

 I have not heard any specific charges. These are only common phrases and expressions relating to some persons. I have not heard the illegal acts I allegedly committed, the motives I allegedly had, as well as the means I allegedly used to commit the crimes. And what consequences have been triggered by my actions, not by actions of other persons whom I don’t know and have never coordinated anything with. I cannot be held liable for the actions committed by unidentified persons whom I had no common intention with, was not informed upon, did not agree my actions with, did not approve these actions, did not foresee and could not foresee them, said Chiygoz.

Therefore, Ahtem Chiygoz stresses that his right as a defendant to know the charges against him, provided in Section 1 Part 4 Article 47 of the Russia’s Criminal Code has been violated.

The charges announced against me are vague and uncertain. This accusation cannot be proved in court. And I cannot defend myself against such non-specific and therefore unclear charges, added Chiygoz.

Chiygoz was not present at the hearing due to the discriminatory rules on the defendant’s remote participation in the trial of the first instance. This was the first time Russia applied such judicial practice. The hearing was held via a videoconference with constant technical faults. 

Photo: Internet