KABUL (QHA) - Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai accused the United States of killing seven children and a woman in an airstrike in central Afghanistan - an incident set to further damage frayed ties between the two allies, AFP informs. Relations between Washington and Kabul have been rocky for years, and negotiations over an agreement that would allow some US troops to remain in the country after this year have broken down into a long-running public dispute. "The Afghan government has been asking for a complete end to operations in Afghan villages for years, but American forces acting against all mutual agreements... have once again bombarded a residential area and killed civilians."- reads the statement of Karzai. Relations between the United States and Afghanistan also worsened when Kabul last week said it would release scores of alleged Taliban fighters from jail as there was no evidence against them. US President Barack Obama on Monday insisted he had faith in his Afghan war strategy after former defense secretary Robert Gates claimed the president had soured on his 2009 decision to send in 30,000 extra troops.