President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met the illegally convicted in Russia Ukrainians Yuriy Soloshenko and Gennady Afanasiev at the surgical facility of the State Scientific Institution "Scientific and Practical Centre of Preventive and Clinical Medicine" under the State Administration, according to a QHA correspondent.

“I am grateful to our people, President, the Ukrainians and the whole world for their fight for every our citizens,” Gennady Afanasiev told Ukrainian press.

Then he addressed foreign journalists telling about tortures in a Russian prison and asked not to abandon sanctions and continue the policy of pressure on the Russian Federation to enable the return of the other Ukrainians illegally held in Russia.

As QHA reported earlier, the Moscow Airport "Vnukovo-2" was awaiting an aircraft with the Ukraine’s National Guard, which should take home the Ukrainian citizens Gennadiy Afanasyev and Yuri Soloshenko, illegally convicted in Russia.

A few hours later, President Petro Poroshenko confirmed this information on his Facebook page reporting that Yuri Afanasiev Soloshenko and Gennady are already on board a Ukrainian aircraft.

Just a reminder: According to the FSB, a former CEO of defense plant "Banner" Yuri Soloshenko was detained in August 2014 while attempting to illegally purchase secret components for anti-aircraft missile systems "S-300". The Moscow City Court sentenced him to a 6-year imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

The exchange has been carried out according to a formula two by two. It is reported that the Ukrainians have been exchanged for defendants in the case on the People's Republic of Bessarabia Elena Glischinskaya and Vitaliy Didenko.