A lawyer Alexandr Popkov does not comment on the exchange of his client Gennady Afanasiev, as well as Yuri Soloshenko, the other Ukrainian citizen illegally convicted in the Russian Federation.

- We are silent and we are waiting. So far I cannot provide any other information, Popkov told a QHA correspondent. The lawyer agreed to comment on the swap of Afanasiev and Soloshenko only after the exchange, if it takes place.

Popkov also said that currently he is in Crimea.

Yuriy Soloshenko and Gennady Afanasiev, Ukrainians illegally convicted in the Russian Federation, can be taken to Ukraine today, June 14, in the afternoon. Currently, the Moscow Airport "Vnukovo-2" is awaiting an aircraft with the Ukraine’s National Guard, which should take them home.

Just a reminder: according to the FSB, a former CEO of defense plant "Banner" Yuri Soloshenko was detained in August 2014 while attempting to illegally purchase secret components for anti-aircraft missile systems "S-300". The Moscow City Court sentenced him to six years' imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

Gennady Afanasiev has been convicted in Russia for seven years in a penal colony for "organizing a terrorist group in Crimea."

Photo: Internet