Today at 9 a.m., a picket in support of Nadezhda Savchenko has begun near the gate of Novocherkassk pre-tail detention center, Espreso.TV reports. 

Vera Savchenko with her mother, friends and Nadezhda’s party members call on the like-minded persons to join them. They demand that Ukrainian doctors be allowed to visit the prisoner, as well as Russia free Nadezhda.

“We ask the support of all who care about Nadezhda’s fate, anyone who does not want to reconcile with totalitarianism and dictatorship, all those who preserved the dignity and self-respect! My requirements: to allow Ukrainian doctors to visit Nadezhda, to declare the court's decision as soon as possible and release Nadezhda,” Vera Savchenko wrote on her Facebook page.

It was reported earlier that Nadezhda Savchenko went on a dry hunger strike after the Russia’s Donetsk court prevented her from delivering a final speech on March 3. In recent days, the citizens from around the world take to the streets to express their support for the Ukrainian invincible heroine.

Photo: Internet