ATO military have staged a rally near the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, demanding the resignation of the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine accusing him of criminal frame-ups against combatants who went through the "Ilovajskij pot", as well as against volunteers and activists.

The organizers of the rally set an art installation in front of the main entrance to the General Prosecutor's Office. People placed two boilers, one of which is called "Ilovajskij" and the second - "Prosecutorial". The activists threw in heated boilers the chocolate figures of the combatants symbolizing Ukrainian military’s tiredness of prosecutorial lawlessness.

The participants demanded the immediate resignation of the military prosecutor, saying Anatoly Matios to have framed up the cases against the military. The other argument was that he hasn’t underwent lustration. The last 3 years the Chief Military Prosecutor worked in the Main Control Directorate of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, headed by S. Levochkin.