(QHA) - For violation of legislation, about 20,000 citizens of Ukraine are prohibited to enter the territory of Russia for a period of three years. Head of Russia's Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky has said about this Wednesday, Ukrinform reports. "We currently closed the entry for 365,000 foreign nationals to Russia for a period of three years. This figure is serious and it should make one think that the rules must be obeyed. We do not do anything unexpected," Romodanovsky said, adding that there are "about five to six percent" of Ukrainian citizens among them. He said that every foreign national can get the ban for entry into the country for three years, who was in Russia for more than 120 days without a lawful reason. At the same time, Romodanovsky said that the entry is also prohibited to foreign nationals, who violated the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation twice within a year. Furthermore, the basis for the prohibition of entry is unpaid administrative penalties. In case of expulsion through a court, there can be a ban on entry into the territory of Russia for 5 years, and if the violation is repeated - for 10 years.