(QHA) -

Head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov believes abolition of dictatorial laws adopted by Ukrainian Parliament on January 16 is the beginning of Ukrainian Parliament’s political recovery. He commented the situation to QHA agency correspondent.

“I believe this is the first step to Ukraine Parliament’s recovery, which, despite this, will not recover fully, anyway,” – noted Chubarov, adding that the only chance to recover is early Presidential elections.

As we reported earlier, Ukrainian Parliament revoked nine out of eleven laws, adopted in the parliament January 16, 2014. Controversial bills included a ban on the unauthorised installation of tents, stages or amplifiers in public places; provision to arrest protesters wearing masks or helmets; a ban on protests involving more than five vehicles in convoy and hefty fines or jail for breaches of law.

The adoption of the laws caused deep resonance all over the World. Mass protests in Kyiv turned to violent clashes.