Another Crimean has been warned over alleged ‘extremism’ for holding a Ukrainian flag and the first criminal case is underway over supposed calls to ‘separatism’. 

Veldar Shukurdzhiyev, the third participant in a peaceful gathering to mark the 201st anniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s birth on March 9, has been issued with a warning against ‘extremist activities’. 

The Crimean Human Rights Field Mission reports that Shukurdzhiyev was interrogated for over an hour on Tuesday in the Department on Countering Extremism before being issued with the warning which he refused to sign.

As we earlier reported, on March 13 he and two other people – Leonid Kuzmin and Alexander Kravchenko -  were sentenced to 40 hours community work for what both the police and the court deemed use of ‘prohibited symbols’ – namely the Ukrainian flag and ribbons in the colors of the flag.