(QHA) -

Some 98 percent of Crimean residents have acquired Russian citizenship since Russia annexed the peninsula last March, regional Migration service reports.

"As of today, 98 percent of Crimeans have received Russian passports. This is a wonderful number," - said Pyotr Yarosh, the head of the Federal Migration Service's Crimea branch, according to Interfax.

Yarosh added that the remaining two percent of residents had yet to be granted Russian citizenship simply because they did "not come" and apply for the document.

Earlier, Crimean authorities announced that residents of Crimea who hold Russian, Ukrainian or Soviet passports will be allowed to cast a ballot Sunday during Crimean Parliament elections.

There are some Crimeans who preferred to remain citizens of Ukraine, although law enforcement officials and civil servants are obliged to surrender their Ukrainian passports if they wish to remain in their positions.

Russia annexed Crimea in March, following Crimean referendum on region's status.