90% of Crimean Tatars ignored the referendum.  Ex-head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jemilev told about this. 

“Even if some individuals were noted at the polling stations, those were isolated cases,” he said.

At the same time Jemilev notes that the boycott doesn’t solve the issue.

“For example, I talked to my comrades in Bakchisaray.  They told me that maximum 30% of people voted.  Although the election commission announced a 64% turnout.  The same situation in Belogorskiy district… Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many people took part in the referendum.  Officially, they show the number they need to show,” said Jemilev.   

Jemilev stressed that it is not only about Crimean Tatars boycotting referendum:

“It is about total turnout.  Representatives of Mejlis visited many polling stations in Crimea and they say that total average turnout is about 30%.  Possibly in some cities with majority of Russian-speaking population, as Kerch, the turnout is higher and is up to 50%”.

However, the results are very questionable, he stresses.

Jemilev also said that total turnout in Crimea, especially in regions with Crimean Tatar majority could not be 70%. 

“With the boycott of referendum by Crimean Tatars- which are about a third of the population- we cannot speak about 70% turnout.  But it is very difficult to predict something.  For now the situation is tense enough”, reports UNN.