Bassam Bitar, a spokesman for the Syrian Christians for Democracy and Pluralist Group, said a main point of declaration signed by 29 people from 37 is adhering to a "pacifist statement", reports Dozhd TV Channel.

- A committee to visit the regions, controlled by Kurds in the Northern Syria, is to be set up. The Kurds fight with the Islamic state (organization banned in Russia), they have managed to clear the area of terrorists and they have the civil administration, said Bitar.

According to media reports, the main topics of discussion were the Russian military operation in Syria and parliamentary elections in the republic in 2016.

The second round of closed-door talks between representatives of moderate Syrian opposition started Oct. 2. The first talks were held in May. Bitar said the opposition plans to meet in Astana for a third time.

Earlier, the Syrian opposition representatives appealed to the leadership of Kazakhstan to provide a platform for the second round of Syrian dialogue.

- Being based on our grave concern at the humanitarian situation in Syria and our sincere hope for these meetings to contribute to the approximation of the long-term settlement of the bloody conflict, this appeal has been taken positively, said the Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry.

The talks were attended by close to 60 representatives of Syrian political movements.