QHA - The foreign ministers of the European Union to gather on Wednesday for a special meeting on Egypt in order to fix the community's unified position on the situation in that country, reports Itar-Tass. Discussion will refer, in particular, to a revision of European programs for aid to Egypt for 2012-2014. The aid programs' aggregate amount totals 5 billion euros. Specifically, France with an active support of Denmark suggests freezing the programs until the interim government of Egypt "returns to the road of democracy" and start direct preparations for a new election. At the same time, a number of EU countries, Sweden in particular, believe reducing or freezing the aid programs would weaken the civil society organizations which the EU seeks to help. Yet another possible option for actions -- to impose an embargo on the supply of weapons to Egypt -- was suggested by Germany which already introduced a one-sided moratorium on the delivery of weapons and special police equipment to Egypt. Similar temporary bans have been already imposed by now by France, Britain, and Italy. However, an all-European decision on that score is lacking so far. According to Itar-Tass sources, the Ministers will consider "the possibility of a temporary ban on the deliveries of dual-use arms and hardware which can be used for internal repressions" there.