Today, March 21, Presidium of the State Council of Crimea adopted a resolution “On persons engaged into anti-Crimean activities, whose entry to Crimea is undesirable”, RIA news reports.

The list includes deputies of the Ukrainian Parliament who voted for dissolution of the Crimean Parliament on March 15 and those who announced Crimea an occupied by foreign troops territory on March 20. It also includes “persons who stained themselves with collaborationism”.  Thus about 200 Ukrainian politicians are denied entry to Crimea.

“Authorities in Kyiv throw at us all sorts of spears, hoping to hurt us.  They lost all touch with the people and reality.  They are headed by people who stained themselves with blood and persecution of Crimeans,” said head of the Crimean State Council Vladimir Konstantinov. 

Once the list is compiled, it will be given to border services and law enforcement authorities of Crimea.  In the event of arrival of a person from the list to Crimea, “he/she will be detained and expelled from the territory of Crimea”.  According to Konstantinov, the list is not closed yet; it will be complemented and expanded.