2 pieces of heavy armor were badly crippled after terrorists of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party detonated an explosive charge during unblocking of a road linking the towns of Daglydzha and Yuksekova in the countryside of Daglydzha.

“16 servicemen riding the vehicles died a hero’s death, with another 6 sustaining non-lethal injuries and currently undergoing treatment”, reads the statement.

The statement stresses that the aerial and ground operations launched after the terrorist attack are proceeding unabated.

“As part of the operations, three F-4 and four F-16 jet fighters have been launching strikes on 23 ground targets, including 6 caves, 2 arms depots, 3 hideouts and 12 weapons caches used by the terrorists, since 9 a.m. The airstrikes are meant to take out the terrorists’ infrastructure and ensure unobstructed passage of vehicles in the area.

Our deepest condolences go to the next of kin of the deceased soldiers of the Turkish Armed Forces, as well as the entire Turkish nation", says the statement.