Police are unable to reveal the exact number of the protesters, but admit there has not been a large rally like this since the struggle for independence and sovereignty of Moldova started in the early 90s.

The protesters are calling on the President to step down and an early election be held no later than March 2016, reports Some of the protesters are reported to have been injured in clashes with the police outside the Prosecutor General's Office.

Already dubbed the Moldovan Maidan, the rally has been organized by the ‘DA’ Civic Platform (Demnitate Si Adevar – ‘Dignity and Truth’) and is aimed against the current government. The rally’s organizers estimate that over 100, 000 people from all over the country have arrived in the capital for the protest.

Touted as a non-party aligned, the rally is featuring no party flags or symbols. However, the Red Block party and a number of NGOs made statements earlier in support of the DA’s demands and stated their willingness to join the rally. A live stream of the event is available at

The protesters demanded to see the Prime Minister and other members of the government. Later on, Prime Minister Valeriy Strelets met with representatives of a contact group formed by the protesters and suggested having a round table discussion so that the protesters’ numerous demands could be met in a ‘legitimate way’. He also promised to pass on their request for a meeting to the President.

By 4 p.m. eyewitness reports began to emerge of tents being put up in the square for a long-term protest camp.