VRADIYIVKA (QHA) - Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko promised that the participants in the assault of a police department in Vradiyivka in Mykolaiv region will not be punished.

He told this to reporters after receiving the residents of Vradiyivka in the public reception office of the Interior Ministry in Kyiv on Thursday.

"The residents of Vradiyivka presented their vision of the situation and asked that people who acted emotionally [during the assault] were not brought to justice. I promised them," the minister said.

He also explained why he did not come out to the participants of the rally nearby the ministry building, who demanded that.

"I wanted to get out, but after viewing the video, I decided not to do so," Zakharchenko emphasized. At the same time, journalists were demonstrated a video in which the leader of the Common Cause organization Oleksandr Danyluik announced “the betrayal of Vradiyivka residents" by UDAR MP Serhiy Kaplin, who allegedly went together with his supporters without Vradiyivka residents along an "inexplicable route" to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and staged there an opposition rally.

As Ukrinform reported, on July 7 Vradiyivka residents headed for Kyiv on foot, protesting against police arbitrariness, after two policemen brutally beat and raped a local woman.

The participants of the rally demand the resignation of Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko and re-assessment of all policemen.

A reminder that on June 26 three men brutally beat and raped 29-year-old resident of the village of Vradiyivka Iryna Krashkova. The woman said that she was attacked by two policemen and a taxi driver, who is a local huntsman. All the three suspects were detained.

 More than a thousand residents of Vradiyivka stormed the local district police station demanding punishment for those involved in the rape.QHA